Andrea Graham

1. Tell us something about your career (WHO)! What is your “WHY”?

I started out as a secretary in London Investment Banking and then as a Legal PA. After my third son was born I realize that my identify had become enveloped in being a mother wife and voluntary duties I was doing within a charity. I stared a journey to connect to myself again and then decided that if I had experienced this other women may have gone through something similar and I wanted to help them connect to their genuine self as I had begun to. So Authentic Woman was born. This mission caused me to get qualified as a professional trainer in 2001 and thereafter a life coach in 2004. So I could deliver quality training and coaching to help women connect to their original, genuine principal self and live and create the life they want.

2. What are the last trends in your industry and how do you position yourself in these trends?

Since the pandemic more people are open to blended learning and are more comfortable learning online, self paste learning and also group learning and not just one to one within coaching for example.  Thankfully just before lock down in 2019 I had started coaching online using zoom so it made it easier to transition using this form for delivery.

3. What are your 3 most important goals? Stretch goals?

  1. To roll out my signature programme that help women (especially) back to work, start a business or connect with their passion to get the right promotion.
  2. Finish my book
  3. Get my inspirational jewellery collection on the map

4. Do you have a written action plan to reach them?


5. When was the last time you failed?

Last year.

6. Do you believe in creating your circumstances?

Oh yes definitely I believe you can create the life you want. Your creating your life every day the key is to create it on purpose.

7. Do you like to try new things?

Yes I do, I like to try new things that I am afraid of. My last birthday I zip wired one of the longest zip wires in Europe to face my fear of heights.

Andrea Graham

8. Do you invest in yourself (personal development)?

Yes, I have invested in myself for some years.

9. Do you read books? And if yes what is a book that you would recommend and why?

Yes, I read books.  I would recommend Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad.

10. Do you work on your skills? What new things are you learning?

Yes I do, I’m currently learning Counselling Skills to add to my training, facilitating and coaching skills.

11. What do you bring to the world that is truly yours?

There’s nothing new under the sun so I guess I bring to the world my DNA in my delivery, communication and conviction.

12. Do you have a role model? What successful people do you admire?

My late mother is my role model. I admire Anthony Robbins for his passion, consistency and determination to bring what he learns in his life to others. Oprah for acknowledging her truth years back and standing up for it regardless of the outcome.

13. What are your brand values and how do you communicate them?

Honesty, caring, genuine spirituality, courage and inspiring.

14. What are your business strongest assets?

My experience within my content.

15. Do you have a platform for communication & support?

Authentic Woman Membership Group I provide open training. Facebook group, whatsapp group, radio show on pause a present, you tube channel, needs resurrecting.

16. Are you member of networking groups / Clubs/ Associations? Could you name a few?

Yes. Global Women, Women Helping Women and CIPD.

17. How many substantive virtual connections do you have?

Approximately 3,000 virtual connections.

18. Are you networking with influencers?

Yes, influencers at varying levels.

19. What is your human mission that you think can affect people’s life?

To help women live from their original, genuine, principal self and act from their own authority with optimism and courage as a lifestyle to create their authentic life.

20. What does status quo mean to you?

The easy way out – resisting change.

21. Do you Google, Bing, or Yahoo?


22. Do you believe in the power of personal branding?

Yes I do.

23. Are you consciously building your personal brand? How?

I haven’t been consciously building my personal brand I paused and I am switching back on.

24. Your personal branding score is 9/100. Do you know what links gives you the highest personal branding score?

No I don’t.

25. What advice would you give to a female entrepreneur and why?

Decide what you truly want for your life, take action towards it and see what happens. Increase your focus, self-belief and get support – coach/mentor.

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