An Inspirational Interview with Inger Nordin

In a world where dreams have the power to shape realities, we often find ourselves inspired by the audacious spirits of those who dared to challenge conventions and create their destinies. Among these fearless pioneers, there exists a tribe of unstoppable women entrepreneurs who have shattered glass ceilings and carved paths for others to follow. Today, we have the privilege of sitting down with one such remarkable woman whose journey has been nothing short of extraordinary, an interview intended to ignite sparks of inspiration in the hearts of aspiring female entrepreneurs across the globe. Meet Inger Nordin, the visionary leader who dared, at the age of 65, to ‘start over’.

1. Tell us something about your career (WHO)! What is your “WHY”?

After retiring I felt like I was in a vacuum, and something was missing. I went from a dynamic corporate life managing others to not having a purpose and not feeling valued. I missed being a part of something and felt I had so much more to offer.

It wasn’t until I was focusing more deeply on my own personal development path in 2017 that I realized my innate ability to coach and support others. As I was helping others get on track, they kept telling me how inspiring I was and that I had a duty to step up and share my gift.

People just kept coming for support and as I helped them get on track and coached them, I realized this was my path. It was rewarding. With that in mind, I started IN Life Amplification (amplify your life) in 2021 with my focus on bringing life and business coaching together, you can’t raise one without addressing the other they go hand in hand.

I make a difference in people’s lives for the better. With over 35 years’ experience from big international corporations in management positions, I cultivated my leadership to uplift others and bring out the best in them. Being goal-oriented and result-oriented, it helps me keep my clients on track and help them work through any obstacles holding them back.

Working in the corporate world, I’ve seen so many women compromise their femininity and personal life. So I’ve made it my mission to help mid-life women step into their power – financially, personally, and professionally – without compromising their femininity.

I do this through workshops, online trainings, masterminds, and one-one coaching.

“It’s never too late to start over – I did it when I was 65 – what’s your excuse?”
Inger Nordin
Life & Business Coach

2. What are the last trends in your industry and how do you position yourself in these trends?

I’m seeing more and more of spirituality awakening in people connecting to me. There is moreover a trend towards wellbeing – be it physical or emotional. People are looking for building strong true connections – really been seen and understood.

I firmly believe that your mind, body, and soul are all interconnected! As I wrote about in my book The POWER of YOU2 – Create a POWER PATH of Success (Personally & Professionally) and illustrated in the picture.

I discuss this in the Chapter “Science of the Mind”. We are all spiritual beings and as such, it’s important that we know exactly what we want. This is guiding our dreams and aspirations and those, in turn, are having an impact on our vision in life. Our vision is then the software for our mind where we store, retrieve, and access our memories. Finally, our body is the physical representation of us impacted by our environment – the people we surround ourselves with is really important here.  

If the flow through any of those areas are jammed, or disturbed in any way, you will not get your desired outcome. Think of a river that is clogged up as opposed to when it’s flowing effortless and freely.

As I write in my book in chapter 6Your Health is the Basis for Success”, now that I’m 71 years old, I know for a fact that it’s so important to take care of your physical body. When building my career my body took a backseat. When I retired, I realized that needed to change to sustain as I age. That’s why I have a Personal Trainer at least twice a week. I’m stronger now than I was in my 50’s.

I’m well fitted to help people find their POWER PATH of Success – be it through one-one coaching or through my workshops. One thing I really recommend is being present with people around you for you to be able to get the relationships you need hence I have a mastermind focusing on the impact of presence.

3. What are your 3 most important goals? Stretch goals?

Help 500 people find their POWER PATH of Success in 2023. I’ll do this via:

  1. My mastermind The Impact of Presence released and people lining up for the next one (20 people at each) – I know so many people out there need this to be able to move forward in their lives.
  2. My workshops released (in English and Swedish) online in the area of The Power of You2:
    • Science of the Mind
    • Self-leadership
    • Sales – yourself, a product/service
    • Social Media
    • Create your own economy
  3. Translate my book The POWER of YOU2 – Create a POWER PATH of Success (Personally & Professionally) to Swedish

Stretch goal: Build a GLOBAL COMMUNITY with cooperation partners! I firmly believe in cooperation not competition.

4. Do you have a written action plan to reach them?

Yes! I produced a five-year plan 2021 which I have been breaking down to yearly goals for 2022 and now 2023. For 2023 I have a written action plan broken down into action steps per month. For instance, I am to release my Mastermind The Impact of Presence in February and have the action steps lined up to market it through free workshops etc. Then every step on the way for the remaining goals are mapped out. I use Trello as well as a journal to follow up. In the journal I write down every week what I like to focus on and, not least important, not to do.

5. When was the last time you failed?

I fail often – the important thing is to learn from it and get up and continue – push through. An example of this is: I went out and promoted my book and my business but didn’t have the infrastructure in place to catch the leads I got. The link in my book to get people to register for downloadable material had stopped working – ClickFunnels had closed my account down without telling me. I painfully realized that I had to start learning how to set up this in MailerLite, and on my website, myself. It’s actually rewarding to know that I am in charge now. I truly keep an eye on my links now and test them!

6. Do you believe in creating your circumstances?

I believe that you create your life and hence YES. The name of my book is The POWER of YOU² – Create a POWER PATH of Success (Personally & Professionally)

A POWER PATH is when you live your life with purpose. Meaning you create your own path to success, what that is for you, and why it matters.

A POWER PATH usually becomes a focus once you hit that point in your life where you are questioning what you are doing and why it matters or not. You want to control your life and how you are living it.

To be able to create a POWER PATH of Success you need the following elements: a clear vision, a clear mission, and knowing why you are doing what you are doing, your goal. Is this the life you want to be living?

We normally don’t talk about having a power path – we’re so filled with having a career. But when we come to mid-life, we start to think about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We question if work is all there is.

See my picture in question 2 – the flow from your spiritual being through to your outcome needs to be aligned. If not, you’ll fail at your first obstacle.

Speaking of myself, I was so pre-occupied with my career and so flattered by all the new challenges and loved them. My managers kept piling them on, being a brilliant trouble shooter, I just worked and delivered without a thought on if this was to my benefit. I didn’t realize this was throwing my life out of balance until I retired and saw how my personal life suffered.

I do believe that the POWER PATH can vary over time, the important thing is to be following your own path. By this I mean, being clear on your path, what matters to you, and sticking to it as long as it’s serving you. I have a road map for my clients to help them creating their power path.

7. Do you like to try new things?

Yes – I’ve been doing this all my life. I went on a tandem parachute jump when I was 65. I asked the co-jumper how I was to think about the landing, and he said: “I’ll tell you later” and then we jumped out of the plane. During the duration of the jump he asked me “are you ok in doing something crazy?” and I said YES! So he went along and moved sideways and other things. I loved it so much so I’d never hesitate to jump again. I actually was on a camp in Malaysia where I won a parachute jump – it never happened but the power of my intention was so strong so I won it!

You need to be adaptable in today’s world. JUMP IN AND FIGURE OUT THE LANDING LATER.

8. Do you invest in yourself (personal development)?

Absolutely – It’s my firm belief that personal development goes hand in hand with business development. You need to build your personal brand to attract people to your business brand. I believe in the importance of having a mentor/coach. Mine is a great woman called Christiana Carter, “The Clarity Strategist” living in Florida. Christiana is a master of pulling all the ideas out of my head, organize them, and put them on paper. She’s helping me create and map a flow and structure to bring them to life. Christiana’s also helping me navigate the obstacles that pop up along the way keeping me in momentum whereby I get results. So grateful for having her. She is helping me focus on what’s important to grow my business. Presently she’s told me to get my infrastructure in place first – the path for people to walk down and enroll to get results.

This is incredibly helpful for me since I’m a constant learner and jump on all opportunities I get to learn. She’s also helping me with my English (since I’m not native in English). She’s been a trainer for T Harv Eker and Success Resources USA and helped create the first version of their Global Mastermind program. She taught how to map your mission and vision.  She can really help me with mapping out my workshops etc. Christiana can be reached at where they can book a call.

9. Do you read books? And if yes what is a book that you would recommend and why?

Yes – My favorite book presently is “Who Moved My Cheese?” by Spencer Johnson, M.D. This book can teach us a lot about how to deal with change in your work and in your life. It’s so important today when we have to cope with uncertainty all around us – being flexible and adapting to change.

10. Do you work on your skills? What new things are you learning?

I’m a constant learner. Presently I’m learning about MailerLite and how to get a better online presence.  

11. What do you bring to the world that is truly yours?

It’s never too late to start over – I did it when I was 65.

I released my first book “The Power of You2 – Create a POWER PATH of Success (Personally & Professionally)” in June 2021 which went to a bestseller at Amazon the first week and now even is available at Walmart in Canada.

In June 2022, I got the Global Woman Best Member Award at the Summit in London – this really made me happy being recognized for what I’m doing and who I am. I have been a speaker at several events – online and in person – and have been a podcast guest several times! Latest I was talking about THE PRESENT OF PRESENCE with Julie Kennedy (another Global Woman Club member). Her podcast is named Fabulous After Fifty!

Through Global Woman Club I’ve got a true international network with females supporting each other. To speak frankly, this is what I was lacking in my corporate career – females supporting each other. It was much more of a competitive environment! I believe that co-operation not competition is the way to succeed. I remind people it’s never too late to do whatever they want!

My ability to connect AND step into someone’s shoes together with my willingness to experience new things sets me apart from other people.  My favourite quote is “It’s never too late to start over – I did it when I was 65 – what’s your excuse?”

It’s my firm belief that every person needs to find their own POWER path and stop listening to others.

12. Do you have a role model? What successful people do you admire?

Several in different areas. I admire Ceil Stanford, Christiana Carter Agnir, and Mirela Sula for honoring their own POWER paths and making a difference in people’s lives.

13. What are your brand values and how do you communicate them?

Brand values – trustworthy, service minded, inspirational, caring, showing up, promoting everybody’s uniqueness, celebrating every success – without jealousy, etc. I’m inspirational and show people I’m not done – we all have more if we want it.

Mission: I help mid-life women step into their power – financially, personally, and professionally – without compromising their femininity.

Motto: It’s never too late to start over – I did it at 65 – what’s your excuse.

I hope I constantly communicate this every time I talk or post online. 

14. What are your business strongest assets?

I have to say – my book – The Power of You2 – Create a Power Path of Success (personally & professionally) making me an Amazon best-selling author, my trainings, and my Facebook community Your Power – You Matter.

I’m developing my cooperation partners. I’m constantly looking for new cooperation partners complementing what I am doing.

I am putting my life experience and all skills I’ve learned during my life into my trainings – +35 years of experience from different management positions. I know and master the complete sales and delivery process and one of my key strengths is to build long-term relationships.

15. Do you have a platform for communication & support?

I have my Facebook group “Your Power – You Matter” where I aim to support all members as best as I can. Recently I started with my newsletters. I also use LinkedIn, Twitter, and my personal as well as my Facebook Page and other Facebook groups to communicate. Recently I’ve started using Global Woman Lobby to communicate as well.  

16. Are you member of networking groups / Clubs/ Associations? Could you name a few?

Global Woman Club, CFX Lady Leaders, … and several online groups.

17. How many substantive virtual connections do you have?

Although I have 1,900 connections on LinkedIn and 3.8K friends on Facebook I have approximately 20 great connections which I work and collaborate with in different projects. It’s the qualified connections you have that are important.

18. Are you networking with influencers?

Mirela Sula, the founder of Global Woman Club, Ceil Stanford, the owner and president of ACLC (Advanced Coaching and Leadership Center) as well as one in the Rich Woman group with Kim Kiyosaki and Veronica Tan, co-founder of Success Resources.

19. What is your human mission that you think can affect people’s life?

My mission is to help mid-life women step into their power – financially, personally, and professionally – without compromising their femininity. With my motto being that it’s never too late to start over – I firmly believe that every single person can change their lives if they want it strong enough. I can help them step into their own power so they can change their own environment. I act like an inspiration through being 71 years old now – still growing and being curious of life. If I can do it – you can.

20. What does status quo mean to you?

For me status quo means not moving forward. The reason people get stuck in status quo is that they are not clear on what their POWER path is. And that is my mission with my business.

21. Do you Google, Bing, or Yahoo?


22. Do you believe in the power of personal branding?

Absolutely – it goes hand in hand with business branding.

23. Are you consciously building your personal brand? How?

Yes – articles and posts online, podcast guest, and interviews in magazines + speaking at events.

24. Your personal branding score is 43/100. Do you know what links gives you the highest personal branding score?

This is your expertise not mine – I know that a written book gives lots of points … articles with backlinks to my website. (Global Woman Magazine, etc. are missing this).

25. What advice would you give to a female entrepreneur and why?

First of all – Do you know your POWER path? See my answer to question 6. You’ve got to define YOUR POWER path – nobody can do it for you. Make sure you follow your own POWER path. This will give you a vision to pull you forward. Be prepared for it to be a lonely place where you will fail on the way to success. Make sure you get a coach/mentor to help you along. Never give up!

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